Why Should You Buy From Etsy? 6+ Great Reasons

Why Buy From Etsy - Etsy Logo

Why Should You Buy From Etsy - Etsy Logo

Question Time – Why Should You Buy From Etsy? Especially if you’ve maybe never heard of it before?

Here at TheDonaldStore.com we recommend a lot of great products, but when it comes to suppliers and order fulfilment, we chose to only trust in a few. One of those is Etsy

Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Etsy Office Interior

Why Should You Buy From Etsy?

If you’re purchasing from Etsy for the first time, you might have a couple of questions. Firstly, what is Etsy? Is it safe? Will the item I’ve ordered arrive? Are my details secure? If I don’t receive my item, will I get my money back? This blog will not only put your concerns to rest but also tell you why buying from Etsy is so much better than any other community based eCommerce platform.

If It’s Handcrafted, Vintage, Custom, Or Unique, It’s On Etsy

Etsy is a global marketplace that allows anyone to open a shop and sell unique, vintage, and handmade items. Start by typing the product or a description of what you’re looking for into the search bar. If you are unsure of what you’re after but you know the category you can browse broad categories such as jewellery, art, or craft supplies. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for if you’re after a galaxy stationery set, hedgehog kitchen accessories or Baby Yoda car stickers, then Etsy is the place to go.

Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Etsy Facts and Figures

It’s safe and secure.

Is buying from Etsy safe? Short answer – absolutely!

It wouldn’t be remiss for you to wonder whether Etsy is safe or not because anyone can list items to sell. You’re buying from an individual, not a large corporation. There is always a small chance that the item you’re purchasing may not be from a legitimate seller but don’t let that deter you from purchasing. We’re going to show you how to identify a safe seller.

Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Etsy Office Exterior

What makes a safe seller?


Read their reviews, see how many there are and make sure that there are plenty of positive reviews.

Multiple sales 

You will be able to see on a seller’s page how many items they have sold. If they are making plenty of sales and are maintaining four stars or above, they’re safe.

The amount of time they have been a vendor/seller on Etsy 

 This isn’t to say that new sellers are unsafe, but stores that have been open for a while and have excellent reviews are almost guaranteed to be safe.

Once you have determined that a seller is safe, you might start to wonder if your details are secure. Again, the answer is: absolutely!

The Etsy payment portal is secure and will never pass your payment details on to a seller. If you receive the item and it isn’t as described, or if the item never arrives, Etsy usually sides with the purchaser and will be able to provide a refund.

Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - How Etsy Works Diagram

You’re protected for all returns and exchanges

Etsy leaves the exchange and returns policy up to the owner of each store. So many sure you check each seller’s policy before purchasing. Experienced and competent sellers know that they need to have good policies to keep their customers coming back for more.

As mentioned above, if an item never arrives or it is not as describes and the seller isn’t responding, you can contact the Etsy support team. Providing you have evidence for your claim, they will follow up with the seller and work on getting the outcome you would like.

The most important thing to remember is NEVER take a sale off the website. Do not give your details to a seller through email, over the phone or via a messaging service. This is a massive red flag and will, 9 times out of 10, result in you being out of pocket. Etsy is unable to provide any assistance for offline sales, so make sure you use their checkout system.

Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Donald Trump USA Flag Fabric on Etsy
Donald Trump USA Flag Fabric – on Etsy

Pros and cons of buying from Etsy

Still unsure if you should purchase from Etsy? Here is a quick pros and cons list for the smart buyer.


  • You’re buying from a real person who has a passion for their craft. Whether it’s an artist, designer or antiquarian, the money you are spending goes into the pocket of a small business.
  • The items you are buying are unique and usually extremely high quality. Retail stores typically offer collections of the same items which can make you feel like you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else. Etsy stores can have collections too, but each piece will be unique.
  • Buyers set their price, which means you can snag a bargain. If you’re looking for a long term relationship with a vendor, you can negotiate a lower price.
  • Almost everything is customizable. Say you find a pencil case that you love, but it would look better with your name embroidered on it, you can contact the seller and ask if this is a possibility. Most Etsy sellers are usually more than happy to accommodate small customizations.
Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Donald Trump Puppy Toy on Etsy
Donald Trump Dog & Puppy Toy by Pet Hates Toys, on Etsy


  • Not all vendors follow ethical practices. Read the reviews. We cannot stress this point enough. Make sure you have read reviews before deciding to purchase an item because although they might not be a scam, they might be difficult to buy from and their reviews will reflect this.
  • Policies vary from vendor to vendor. If there was a column for neutrals, this would go there because it can be a pro or a con. The reason this point is in the cons section is simply because sometimes you can get caught out. Items which are customizable almost always have particular policies because the item has your name on it. Therefore, once it has been engraved, burnt, or drawn on an item, there is no way the vendor can resell it if you change your mind.
  • Etsy customer service is 100% online, and there is no option to call. Some people find this frustrating, and some people love it.
Why Should You Buy From Etsy? - Etsy Stand With Small Campaign

In Conclusion

Hopefully everything you’ve just read has helped you to answer the question ‘Why Should You Buy From Etsy‘, and now be a fan. But if it hasn’t – the one think we know for sure will convert you are the fantastic Donald Trump products available on Etsy. We have a range of them included in our curated lists of Donald related products.

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