Why Should You Buy From Amazon? 7+ Great Reasons


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Here at TheDonaldStore.com we recommend a lot of great products, but when it comes to suppliers and order fulfilment, we chose to only trust in a few. One of those is Amazon.

Here’s our answer to the question ‘Why Should You Buy From Amazon?’, or at least why we think you should seriously consider doing so.

Online Shopping Spotlight: Why Should You Buy From Amazon?

The year is 1995. A man named Jeff Bezos waits patiently in the office of his fledgling online bookstore. A bell rings. It means they’ve made another sale. Soon, that bell would be thrown away for ringing too frequently.

This was the beginning of Amazon’s long march to global domination.

Today, Amazon is the “Everything Store”. A colossus of the online marketplace, selling everything under the sun and dominating living rooms with video streaming services and entertainment.

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A Guide to Getting Started on Amazon

Everyone has used Amazon for their online shopping at least once. However, not everyone is aware of the massive range of services the company provides.

Here’s a quick cheatsheet on why Amazon bests all the other options, and a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy if you shop there:

The Amazon Marketplace

Think of Amazon as a giant storefront. Like eBay, anyone can list new or used items for sale. Unlike eBay, there’s a much greater emphasis on “proper” e-commerce: Many businesses use the site as their sole platform for making online sales.

The Benefits of Buying on Amazon

Amazon has established itself as a trusted international brand. That gives you peace of mind that your payments are being handled safely.

You can also rest easy knowing the company has often fulfilled and shipped your order as well: Many companies send their stock directly to an Amazon warehouse for storage, meaning a trusted global giant is handling your parcels, not a local business.

In addition, if something does go wrong, you have access to a smooth returns process and clear channels of communication if you need to lodge a complaint.

Handy Features:

Shopping on Amazon is much easier than traipsing around the internet, filling out shipping information and card details again and again.

Once your account is set up, the experience is seamless. You can even set up “1-click- buying”, which functions exactly as you’d imagine. It speeds up shopping time immensely, especially for repeat purchases.

Amazon Prime:

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The full Amazon experience can’t be appreciated without joining the company’s Amazon Prime service. Think of this as a “Platinum Membership”, opening up a wealth of extra features and benefits. The service costs £79 per year.

Whilst that might sound expensive, it only works out at £6.58 per month. The savings you can make with Prime can be tremendous:

Shipping Costs:

The first massive benefit of Prime is free delivery on many, many items. These days, you’ll even find that some purchases will be dispatched overnight and arrive with you in the morning.

You can also have newly released items automatically posted on the day of release, and regular consumables can be reordered on demand. These features alone often pay for the subscription cost.

Why Should You Buy From Amazon? - Amazon Delivery

Extra Features:

Whilst Amazon Prime often pays for itself with free shipping, that’s not all you get with the service: You can stream unlimited movies and TV shows with Prime Video (a bit like Netflix) and you can take advantage of music streaming, e-book libraries and unlimited free photo storage.

Amazon prime has a raft of other free-to-access features that make the service an absolute bargain.

Conclusion – Why Should You Buy From Amazon?

Amazon is rapidly becoming the world’s shopfront, as hundreds of thousands of businesses list their products on the site. Amazon’s fast and efficient shipping, combined with Prime’s fantastic features, make it a no-brainer for all your online shopping needs.

Amazon gives you everything you need to purchase Donald Trump merchandise and memorabilia in a safe and secure environment.

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