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Recap on 2016, Donald J Trump is running for Election in the 45th US Presidential Elections, and what is half the country wearing? The Trump 2020 Campaign MAGA Make America Great Again Baseball Cap, in Red of course!

The now iconic MAGA Baseball Cap of 2016 is easily the most instantly recognisable piece of apparel to come out of 2016. Everyone wanted to be seen wearing the famous red baseball cap emblazoned with the slogan “Make America Great Again”.

The MAGA Make America Great Again Baseball Cap was a stroke of marketing genius from the Trump 2016 campaign. And for their millions of supporters it quickly became the must-have staple accessory at all of Trump’s campaign rallies and public speaking events.

These baseball caps were a huge success story for the Trump 2016 Election Campaign. However they were also a huge success story for the everyday US Republican. For the not so silent majority wanting to show his or her support for their political party of choice.

Throughout 2016 and all of Trump’s Presidential reign to date, these hats have become synonymous with the Trump Campaign and with the Republican Party. Just by wearing one, you instantly identify with millions of others Republicans and show your support for The Donald.

Buy a Donald Trump Make America Great Again Baseball Cap

You don’t need to join a protest, make significant donations, or write a post on social profiles which might get you in hot water with others. All you need to do is stick one of these bad boys on your crown, and your support will be instantly recognised!

Back to 2020, and we’re back in the grip of the next US Presidential Election. Time to pin on your colors and dust off the trust red baseball cap! The power of fashion and apparel when it comes to political campaigns is huge. You need only look at our Donald The Hero range to see that!

The iconic Donald Trump & Trump 2016 Campaign Make America Great Again Baseball Cap, in Red. Now available on Amazon:

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