Buy Donald Trump Toilet Brush – Best Trump Gift of 2020!

Buy Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Looking for a good excuse to clean your toilet with a Donald Trump Toilet Brush?! Perhaps you’re fed up of Trump and his 2020 Presidential Re-Election Campaign? Relieve some stress – why not stick his head down the toilet and give it a good scrub?! Or maybe you’ve got a friend or family member who could do with cheering up. We’ve got just the novelty Trump product for that!


Make your toilet great again… the Donald Trump Toilet Brush collection is here for you!

Find the best Donald Trump Toilet Brush – only the best, funniest and most deserving gifts for a friend or loved one!

Why buy a Donald Trump Toilet Brush and holder set from us?

WHAT A BRILLIANT GIFT IDEA! – These hilarious Trump Toilet Brushes will light up anyone’s day and entertain their visit to the bathroom!

Various models, including base and toilet paper.

Give your toilet the scrub it needs with these high quality novelty products, fit for even The Donald himself!

An excellent gag gift for any Birthday Celebration, White Elephant gift, Corporate Function, or Secret Santa.

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Why not add some brilliant Donald Trump Toilet Roll to your basket?

Donald Trump novelty toilet roll (loo roll if you like), is a fantastic gift idea for friends, family, or that person you know who just can’t stand Trump!

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Buy a Donald Trump Toilet Brush, and watch your quality of life improve with every flush!

Make your toilet bowl great again and keep it spick and span with one of our Trump Toilet Brushes. President Forty-five won’t disappoint as he puts his glorious golden locks to work and helps to swiftly drain and clean out that porcelain swamp. Your toilet is going to look so good folks, believe me!

Brush comes in various sizes, with Trump hands at actual size.

“No president has had a Toilet Brush like my Toilet Brush!” – DJT

“I am automatically attracted to a nice clean toilet bowl. There’s nothing greater. I’m going to make these toilet bowls great again, trust me – I know!” – DJT

“Just Grab Him by the Handle…” He’s brilliant for those tough cleaning jobs, it’s almost like he was made to be flushed.

Some discoloration is entirely possible, but he’ll likely come back just as yellow once you give him another dunk.

Trump Toilet Brushes are known to make any bathroom great again. A truly great addition to any visit, 100% guaranteed to make you laugh.

Launch the biggest witch hunt against toilet dirt in the history of your bathroom. Make 2020 the year you take back your liberty and freedom.

*LOLs… Donald Trump Toilet Brushes follow come with a standard DJT disclaimer and may or may not survive a full 4 year term. Thankfully they’re cheap, cheerful, and can be replaced with sturdier utensils when the time comes. Enjoy!

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